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Peace Synergy

Peace Synergy

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Gently calm the masses.
Shake. Diffuse. Nurture.

Only a couple drops of this full strength essential oil blend is needed, and never directly on skin. Use in diffusers or a bowl of hot water. Add to cleaning bucket for disinfecting. Freshen rugs by applying directly, or mix with baking soda, sprinkle onto rugs, wait 5 minutes, then vacuum. Add a drop on the edge of the pillow, or on a tissue tucked in your pocket. A few drops in the bath, either alone or with Epsom salts, creates needed indulgence.


Ingredients: 100% pure essential oils of:

Ravensara: ravensara aromatica (Madasgar) Organic: relaxing, relieving
Sweet Orange: citrus sinensis (Florida) Organic: elevating, sunshine in a bottle
Pink Grapefruit: citrus paradisii (Florida): detoxifying, replenishing
Ylang Ylang: cananga odorata (Madagascar) Select: euphoric, loving
Rosewood: aniba roseaodora (Brasil) Wild: positive, strengthening
Sandalwood: santalum spicatum(Australia): grounding, holy oil

Chakra: Heart
Element: Air

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe

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