Collection: Ancient Armor

Fortify your inner defences with Ancient Armor ™. This blend is warm and cozy, like a day by the fire at granny's (if your granny was nurturing), with an apple pie in the oven.

What makes this ancient?

As the 'thieves' story goes...spice merchants of ancient times were typically among the healthiest around...this is an Irie Source version that is 20 years old. My family won't go without it.

Essential oils: Clove:eugenia caryophyllata (Indonesia): purifying Eucalyptus Radiata: eucalyptus radiata (Australia) Wild: soothing, cooling, protective Lemon: citrus limonum (Italy)Organic: calmly refreshing Rosemary: rosmarinus officinalis (Tunisia) Organic: balancing, stimulating Chakra: Throat Element: Ether