Collection: Ancient Armor

Fortify your inner defences with Ancient Armor 
Use daily to fortify your physical body with age old solutions for modern times. 
Eucalyptus radiata clears, rosemary invigorates, lemon balances, and clove warms while it cleanses. Protection is important!

If you do start feeling exposed, don't let that run down feeling run you over!
Spritz this in your space and keep on keepin' on.

"My absolute favourite blend. I diffuse this in my salon and it's a rare thing that I ever get under the weather. Ever." Jodi, Hair Stylist

This blend is warm and cozy, like a day by the fire at granny's (if your granny was nurturing), with an apple pie in the oven, herbs simmering on the stove, fire crackling in the hearth. An embrace of comfort and the reassurance that all will be well. 

Blended in recommended concentrations with distilled water and vegetable glycerine, fresh for your order.

"Ancient Armor lets me time travel safely" Colleen, Master Archeologist
Even between dimensions, Ancient Armor fortifies your inner defenses!

Spice merchants of ancient times were typically some of the best smelling and hardiest folks around, although perhaps a bit dubious. Working with spices gave them protection from spreadable ailments that were prevalent then, and will help us now.

Essential oils:
Clove:eugenia caryophyllata (Indonesia): purifying
Eucalyptus Radiata: eucalyptus radiata (Australia) Wild: soothing, cooling, protective
Lemon: citrus limonum (Italy)Organic: calmly refreshing
Rosemary: rosmarinus officinalis (Tunisia) Organic: balancing, stimulating

Chakra: Throat
Element: Ether