Collection: Star

Let your soul shine bright with Star ™ .

It's sometimes hard to do, let your soul shine bright, yet it is more important now than ever. Better than dimming, be the light. A complex blend to take you higher. This is astral bliss in a bottle: illuminating, creative, JOYOUS!

Pure essential oils:
Pink Grapefruit: Citrus paradisii (California): detoxifying, replenishing
Geranium: Pelargonium graveolens (Egypt): restoring, skin toning
Bergamot: Citrus aurantium (Italy): enlivening, healing
Cardamon: Elettaria cardamomum (India): invigorating, warming
Sage: Salvia officinalis (France): protecting, stimulating
Vetiver: Vetivera zizanioides (Indonesia): loving, sedating, grounding
Sandalwood: Santalum album (India): grounding, holy oil

Chakra: Crown
Element: Spirit