Collection: Spirits Rise

Uplift + free stagnant energy with Spirits Rise 

IrieClaim your zest for life with citrus fruits and flowers!

Neroli Blossom is the Queen of Spirits Rise. Exquisite in appeal, gentle in approach, she will anoint your life with grandeur. So rich. 

Supported by buoyant sweet orange, pink grapefruit and lemon, Spirits Rise is like aromatic sunshine. 

Stoking the fires of your sacral energy center, this proprietary blend is ideal for dark days. Loss, hopelessness, and the winter blues are uplifted with sunshine infused essential oils. Feel the feelings, allow them to rise, then set them free with Ra energy.

While using this transformative blend, imagine orange sunrises in your pelvis, illuminating and moving out the unfelt, stored up emotions that we often like to store down in 'the basement'. Free yourself to move forward with confidence and consistency. Like the sun that rises every day. 

"I am free of stagnant energy"  

Pure essential oils:

Sweet Orange: Citrus sinensis: Organic: ‘sunshine in a bottle’, uplifting
Pink Grapefruit: Citrus paradisii (California): balancing, buoyant, sweetens life
Lemon: Citrus limonum(Italy): Organic: calmly refreshing
Neroli: Citrus aurantium(Tunisian): regal, nourishing, replenishing, awakening

Chakra: Sacral
Element: Fire