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Irie Source

Ancient Armor Synergy

Ancient Armor Synergy

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Fortify your inner defenses.
Shake. Diffuse. Nurture.

Warm and cozy, like a day by the fire at granny's (if your granny was nurturing), with an apple pie in the oven. As the 'thieves' story goes...spice merchants of ancient times were typically among the healthiest around...this is an Irie Source version that is 20 years old. My family won't go without it.

Only a couple drops of this full strength essential oil blend is needed, and never directly on skin. Use in diffusers or a bowl of hot water. Add to cleaning bucket for disinfecting. Freshen rugs by applying directly, or mix with baking soda, sprinkle onto rugs, wait 5 minutes, then vacuum. Add a drop on the edge of the pillow, or on a tissue tucked in your pocket. A few drops in the bath, either alone or with Epsom salts, creates needed indulgence.


Ingredients: 100% pure essential oils of:
Clove:eugenia caryophyllata (Indonesia): purifying
Eucalyptus Radiata: eucalyptus radiata (Australia) Wild: soothing, cooling, protective
Lemon: citrus limonum (Italy)Organic: calmly refreshing
Rosemary: rosmarinus officinalis (Tunisia) Organic: balancing, stimulating

Chakra: Throat
Element: Ether

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