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Open Ocean Atomizer

Open Ocean Atomizer

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Purify + Protect
Shake. Spray. Nurture.

In these tricky times, keep your boat afloat and your eyes on the horizon with this proprietary mist to help you ride out stormy seas... not a life preserver but close. Although it doesn’t smell like the ocean, this cleansing blend will remind you of happy days spent on the water. Lively and expansive. 

Spray body, room, auto, linens, yoga mat & furnishings to freshen and nurture.

Ingredients: distilled water (Aqua), essential oils, vegetable glycerin

Essential Oils:
Lemongrass [cymbopogon citratus] - stimulating, restoring, releasing
Organic Tea Tree [melaleuca alternifolia] - disinfecting, protecting
Peppermint [mentha piperita] - energizing, clearing, relieving

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