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Muscle Magic Atomizer

Muscle Magic Atomizer

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Soothe muscles + joints.
Shake. Spray. Nurture.

Spray onto body, especially where muscles need magic.

Originally formulated as a massage oil, adapted into an atomizer for touch free application and to enjoy the healing aroma of this classic used every day in clinic. A mist of this is soothing for the soul as well as muscles and joints. Stagnancy can feel like stiffness or discomfort. Keep your energy moving with this earthy, yet airy, local arnica infused blend to detoxify and balance.

Ingredients: distilled water (Aqua), local wildcrafted macerated arnica montana, vegetable glycerin, essential oils of:
Juniper Berry: juniperus communis (Bulgaria) Organic: detoxifying
Rosemary: rosmarinus officinalis (Tunisia) Organic: balancing, stimulating, healing
Cardamon: elettaria cardamomum (India): refreshing, warming
Birch: betula lenta (UK): relieving, detoxifying

Caution: Consult a health care practitioner if pregnant, nursing, suffering from any medical condition, or taking medication. Keep away from children and heat sources.

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