When we forget to fortify ourselves

When we forget to fortify ourselves



March. The change of seasons. End of the “fiscal year”. Tax season. Winds of change a-blowing.

It’s a time when people are more susceptible to feeling under the weather, including me. I hadn’t been caught by a bug in about 2 years, but here’s my theory on how it happened.

For some reason, all my bottles of Ancient Armor TM were empty. I hadn’t replenished them, so my daily ritual to help me stay healthy – especially in changing seasons and during the winter– fell to the wayside. For a couple of months!

Sure enough it caught up to me. Last week I got a stuffy head, sore throat, and tight chest that required rest, cancelling appointments, and a lot of Ancient Armor to kick it to the curb. Luckily, I caught it before it turned into the bark that some folks have been stuck with for weeks. You know the one.

Ancient Armor is a proprietary blend of these essential oils:

Rosemary: helps restore connective tissue, wonderful for the back of the throat.

Lemon: helps us to boost up our fighting power against nasty bugs by elevating white blood cell count.

Clove: clears out any new “nasties” coming in, numbs an aching throat, super for mouth health.

Eucalyptus radiata: a gentle mucous melting and clearing essential oil: more gentle than eucalyptus globulus, which melts mucus but doesn’t know when to stop. This is an important distinction, because we need a certain amount of mucus in our bodies, i.e.: the myelin sheath protecting our nerves is made of fats and mucous.

 Ancient Armor is of the correct concentration to spray as shown in the video, and I highly recommend using it once or twice a day as a preventative measure. One client says she uses it after brushing her teeth. This is a powerful addition to your oral care, as essential oils disrupt bacteria build-up, where plaque forms. My dental hygienists always comment on how my teeth are clean even with years between cleanings.

If you do get caught in the seasonal frays, you can use it as often as you like. While I was resting and recovering, I spritzed it as shown in the video as soon as I felt my throat getting dry or achy. I also had a constant supply of hot water with ginger slices, fresh squeezed lemon juice and a lot of honey so I was constantly keeping my throat moistened with this tea and spritzes of Ancient Armor. Good for so many reasons.

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You can get a few to have in the office, at home, in your purse… so as soon as you start to feel a little run down, you can fortify your inner defences with Irie Source Essentials Ancient Armor. Going to have a spritz right now!

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