Two practitioners to join IrieTreat: Nurture the Source™

Two practitioners to join IrieTreat: Nurture the Source™

Two most wonderful practitioners will be joining IrieTreat: Nurture the Source,
a wellness discovery retreat, April 18-22, 2024.

Haley Blackspruce, Amanita Herbs

Haley Blackspruce of Amanita Herbs specializes in top quality, high potency tinctures, elixirs & spagyrics.

Offering herbal preparations from the heart, wild-harvested or organically grown with the utmost respect and intent, Amanita's mission is to remove obstacles standing in the way of people accessing their highest potential. Haley's apothecary is a culmination of many years of experience-based integrative medicine.

Growing rapidly in popularity, reflecting the needs of all of us, Amanita Herbs is having an incredibly positive effect on many lives, including Irene's!

We are so excited to announce that Amanita Herbal tinctures are now available at Irie Source’s clinic, and we are so honoured that Haley, founder of Amanita Herbs, will be joining us at IrieTreat to share her wisdom and life enhancing herbal preparations!

Haley will guide us through one of the rising sessions held in the mornings, and will be available for one-on-one consultations each afternoon.

Jikiden Reiki practitioner, Shandrea O’Brien

We are also delighted to announce that more bodywork will be available at IrieTreat: Nurture the Source, as sessions with Irene are sold out.

We are so lucky that the impressive yet humble Jikiden Reiki practitioner, Shandrea O’Brien, will be joining us at Nurture the Source. Irene has been transformed by Shan’s offerings and is thrilled to provide this opportunity for IrieTreaters.

Shandrea shares: “My passion for Jikiden Reiki comes from receiving treatments and experiencing the healing results. I have always felt a special connection with nature’s energy. Studying Jikiden Reiki has allowed me to access this energy and pass it on to others, enabling the body to repair itself and work through emotionally challenging times.”

Shandrea will be offering Reiki sessions during the afternoon hours, in the comfort of your own relaxing room at New Denver Lodge.

She will also be guiding us on a personal growth mapping exercise on Sunday's rising ritual that incorporates her love of flowers, as she used to be a florist, and her formal education in social sciences.

To book with either of these lovely ladies, simply let us know when you book your stay at IrieTreat: Nurture the Source

IrieTreat: Nurture the Source is a wellness discovery retreat at New Denver Lodge, April 18-22, 2024

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